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Article: The Beginnings of Marcoux Lapin

The Beginnings of Marcoux Lapin

The Beginnings of Marcoux Lapin

 The Journey of a Brand Born Among Wolves

Welcome to our world: The world of Marcoux Lapin, where streetwear, Cali adventures, and the love of fashion come together to bring you a brand you never knew you needed…

We officially opened our online doors in October of last year, but the story of Marcoux Lapin began long before, in the thick of it, like a rabbit among wolves.

A Journey That Started Before 2022

While our official launch was in 2022, the roots of Marcoux Lapin dig deep. Our journey was kindled by passion for the arts, creativity, and an unwavering love for vintage aesthetics. We've always believed in the power of nostalgia and its unique ability to connect generations. Hence the (turn back the clock) collections we continue to drop.

The Product Line: Graphic Tees and More

At Marcoux Lapin, for the most part, we specialize in graphic tees that tell the story of Marcoux Lapin and his crazy California escapades. While other drops we push out are an expression of how we see Los Angeles, a city that never ceases to inspire. In addition, we offer limited runs of cut and sew apparel for special occasions, all meticulously crafted in the heart of L.A., ensuring quality is never compromised.

Overcoming Early Challenges

The building of our brand was not without its challenges. The first couple of months online were more of a struggle than anything else as we didn't make our first sale until two months in. It was frustrating to say the least. But it was through this adversity that we were able to shuffle ideas around on marketing and strategy, learning that success will be a far longer journey than expected.

Notable Highlights: The Influencer Connection

As our brand evolved, we had the privilege of collaborating with incredible influencers. These partnerships didn't just bring recognition; they created moments that would help build morale. One instance that stands out is a live unboxing event, where an influencer's genuine enthusiasm resulted in an incredible boost in sales and visibility.

The Creative Process: A Constant Flow of Ideas

We design and create all in-house and this creative aspect is the center point of Marcoux Lapin. Inspiration strikes at the most unexpected moments, from watching a movie to a casual cruise around the city. We keep a repository of design ideas, experimenting with combinations and “Frankensteining” pieces together until they create something that truly resonates with us and ultimately with the Marcoux Lapin community.

Marketing Efforts: Social Media as the Anchor

We'll be the first to admit, we're no marketing gurus by any means. Our focus has been on social media as it's the place where we've found our Marcoux Lapin family - customers all over the country, from places we might not have discovered otherwise. In the coming year, we aim to refine our marketing strategy, finding ways to connect more with our audience.

A Growing Presence and Future Plans

Marcoux Lapin's journey is far from over. We're excited to introduce more high-end apparel into our collections, ensuring that we're not just a brand you love but a brand that continues to resonate. As we grow, our mission remains the same - create clothing and create a community around Marcoux Lapin (A Rabbit Among Wolves).

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